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Ok guys, move it on. If you want to argue, do it by PM please.

FlyBE isn't a bad place on balance.


The pension scheme
Private Medical Care
Bonded Type rating
Now it looks like a lot of people moving on so rapid career progression
Based (if you exclude the nightstopping!) where you want to be.
Paid every month reliably - I'm a year 7 FO on the Dash and take home around 2800-2900 a month after tax.

Negatives (just to balance!):

Lots of nightstopping in certain bases - eg - BHX, MAN...
Lots of minimum rest/long days and rosters that regularly move from lates back to earlies over the course of a week
Roster patterns are tiring (roughly 5/2 but try having 2 days off after 5 days away from home!)
Contract pilots - effectively bypassing the seniority based jet positions of the past with seemingly a Direct Entry role.
Whatever way you look at it, my comrades from flight school are earning a lot more than me for doing less hours and being less tired.

I think it's fair to say that a lot of this is changing at the moment. There's a lot of people looking to leave and a lot who are fed up with various aspects of the job (nightstopping and lack of home life being the main thing). It will however, open up Command and Jet vacancies within a quite short period of time. I do think that with the number of people on notices right now and the recruitment of 10-12 FOs per month, that we will see a slight struggle on crew numbers especially over the summer. Another upshot is that you will easily be in the base of your choice within quite a short time period.

There are worse places to be in this industry, by a long way. I'm sure there are many better places too though, but it pays the bills.

Hope this helps a bit more...
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