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Yes I get that was the reason, I am saying if that was the case then that is more underhand than I would've given the previous management for, but then I guess nothing should surprise me.
Look, you think they'll do it (again), I don't. I think they might offer the contractors a perm contract but I don't think they'll take on a fresh faced guy/gal straight onto the bottom of the list, that's my right and again I'll publicly give you an apology if it happens in the future without an official change in recruitment policies.
Yes I put in the hard yards, years of it, I don't agree with the contractors flying our aeroplanes (apart from the ones that were released last year, and they should be taken back on) and I think that one contractor is one too many. Our own pilots should be given the option first and then back fill with contractors if necessary, but that's a different conversation for another day.
You alluded to the fact that I knew the ins and outs in your last paragraph in your last post.

Anyway, this thread has already been ruined by another one of our spats. I will leave it there and not engage in anymore of it. I will respect we both have differing views.

twice round the hold

The contractors are on a very good screw, it's a 6 month contract with the possibility of extending.
The contract doesn't lead to a permanent contract with Flybe but something I do actually agree with LSM on is that I wouldn't rule it out, but there's nothing on the cards that we know about.
If you want minimal nightstopping then don't go to EXT, BHX or MAN.
BOH crewed by SOU
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LCY crewed by EDI/EXT and I think BHD.
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