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There really is no substitute for experience on the part of the pilot. I'm a videographer and enthusiastic amateur but I'm not crazy and always defer to the pilot.

I got to shoot aerials of New York City on an amazingly clear morning with both a Tyler nose and Tyler door mount in a helicopter piloted by Al Cerullo. We spent more time discussing and briefing shots than rolling videotape but it was more than time well spent since we got some amazing footage. We also had to bust one of the shots we wanted since there were too many birds and there was a high probability of bird strikes.

Bottom line is there is no substitute for a professional pilot experienced in aerial photography and doing everything with the right equipment. Unfortunately, in this instance the pilots-which I'm sure were experienced-appear to not have had lots of experience with aerial photography work and it is unknown if the production company had the right equipment.

Sincere condolences to the families of all the victims.

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