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Dear Mr Skidmore,

Congratulations on your appointment. If I could provide you with some feedback you may get an idea of the contempt that the majority of Pilots, Engineers & ATC's hold your organisation. I realise that this feedback means nothing to most CASA's employees, they know that they don't have to provide a service or meet any KPI's, being government employees they are unsackable and unaccountable.

I digress, I'm rostered on today but need to check whether my medical has been reinstated before performing duty. I've been on hold for 1 hour, 16 minutes and 42 seconds. I first rang avmed to be greeted with a recording advising me that Avmed would be closed between the 24th of December to the 2nd of January. mmmm, 9th of March, should be ok then your service hung up on me, twice.

* You cannot consider your regulation as competent when you can't change a recording that's 2 months old and incorrect.

I rang the switchboard and advised them, they told me that due to the public holiday they were short of staff, public holiday, really? Not in NSW it's not.

* Aviation is 24/7 365. But you've got to have your public holidays off?

Bludgers the lot of you. Anyway, I'm sitting here, waiting (1:25:58) after having been told by the recording that I was first in the queue. The bludger that is there is on lunch?? Meanwhile industry grinds to a halt while you enjoy your long weekend. My employer cops a day's pay for me whilst being charged by you for a service you don't provide.

Oh yeah, I tried the new self service portal. The new portal has my name, address, birth date and no record of my ratings or medical status. The old portal is not available. Another service we've paid for but your incompetent organisation has failed to provide.

You are killing aviation off and you couldn't give a fark. Do the bludgers realise that once it's dead they won't have a job regardless of being a government employee?

1 hour, 32 minutes & 36 seconds on hold, first in line, liars as well
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