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The Popular Turkish bashing has started again I see, even before any accident report has appeared
Very Professional guys

Every airline, including so called legacy carriers have incidents regulary.

KLM likes to take off from wrong runways/taxiways or without clearances ( even at home base)

BA helps in demolishing buildings next to taxiways through the aid of B747 wings

Lufthansa has a nick for landing on a construction site

Emirates has the regular tail strike

AF...no further comment required...

Etc etc.

Consequence: zero. No fatalities, keep moving people. Nothing to see.

But when TK has an incident, the blaming, insulting etc. Is all over the place.

In my opinion, the incident has nothing to do with busting minima. They went off the runway, so whatever went wrong, went wrong AFTER touchdown. Busting minima results in potential CFIT. Not the case here it seems.
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