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Some airlines operating into KTM have approvals for RNAV 02 approach which has a shallower descent path and a final course offset to the west. I dont know if THY has that approval . Anyhow, according to videos made by passengers just after getting out of the airplane one can see that the visibility must have been well below any minima ! KTM is very well known for morning fogs at this time of the year, which dissipate around 10 -11 am and while I salute the idea of trying an approach down to minima, this was a case for diversion, not after the first unsuccessful approach, after repotedly holding for 2 hours (!!!!!) but after having done a few holds ! DEL is an hour away and has CAT III capability, LKO (Lucknow) is 35 min away although could have been subject to similar weather but still has a CAT I ILS. Glad to know all walked away safe.
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