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There are plenty of virtues to live by in life, and being honest is one of those. You did the right thing by declaring your history. Never listen to someone say to you to Not Declare!! That is not the way you should go. It's not their life it's yours. In my mind that doesn't fit a good aviators code of ethics! Anyway you are not alone in your asthma issues, there are plenty of pilots with a class 1 medical who has or has had issues with asthma. I am one of those. I have found the best thing to do is to talk to someone at CASA who is in the know and ask for clarification on your case as it is an individual thing.

There is no set rule with being an asthma sufferer. You can have lungs of an Olympian swimmer but yet have asthma, you could even on a spirometry test out perform someone who has not got asthma. I seem to be able to go over and above what I need to in terms of requirements, but yet because I have history and from time to time have slight and I mean slight symptoms, I am monitored and restricted in accordance with CAA requirements. No big deal, and it doesn't affect my ability to fly planes, I have to carry an inhaler in my flight bag, but that is not a problem for me.

All the best!
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