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And so we go round in circles, the deniers saying "prove it"...
These comments sound very much like standard conspiracy theorists, the ones who deny the moon landings took place or think that 9/11 was done by the CIA. I think that on this subject such behaviour is very damaging and serves only to discredit those who actually do want to properly examine aerotoxic syndrome.
, claiming there is no evidence of a problem,
Then please provide some, any, experimental evidence that there is a problem.
Asking a line pilot to prove this is ridiculous, but there is plenty of evidence to the open minded that objective and large scale testing is needed
Which makes it all the more strange that the only people (that I've heard) who think there is a problem are airline pilots. Everyone else (those who are actually qualified to study the problem, for instance) seems to think that either there is no problem or that there is not enough evidence.
Asking individuals with no resources and no biochemistry PHDs to prove things, citing their lack of proof of the problem as concrete proof of a lack of a problem is as infantile as it is disingenuous.
The only time, as far as I can see, that anyone asked you to 'prove it' in this thread was me: Asking for you to show evidence of the degeneration temperature of oils. I don't have a biochemistry PhD yet it took me (at a conservative estimate) 3 minutes on google to find that you were incorrect.
If you're not even prepared to do such basic research then why should anyone listen to your opinions on the subject?
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