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It is very real indeed

We all know this is very real, why many in here keep denying reality is beyond logics. Are you really completely brainwashed by your employer to the point that you are blind and deaf hence you ignore all those around you telling that there is a problem.
The media will not let this go away anymore, there is more than enough evidence to push for the mandatory introduction of new legislation, mandatory sensors, etc... we will then go from there.

There is also a film on this subject coming out soon:
A Dark Reflection - Film - The issue

I have not watched the film and I did not need this film to tell me there is a real problem. There is a huge number of real cases, many are fully documented. Real people have died, real people have been sick and ill.
It is not over-reaction, it is not isolated cases.
It is a systemic failure which must be stopped.
A bit late but still a massive improvement, at least now we can talk about it without being labelled negatively.
Only a few months ago many of us could not even mention Aerotoxic syndrome without being labelled as trouble-makers, incredible.
Nearly all airlines are affected and nearly all equipment types.

Nothing to do with pessimism, this is just reality.

There is also a documentary start in here

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