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In cert testing an engine for exhaust emissions - sampling is done at both the exhaust AND the inlet.

And it is not unusual for the exhaust to be CLEANER than the inlet air.

And I'm sure that any manufacturer can arrange many factors and conditions in a test to provide almost exactly the result they require.
Let's not muddy the discussion with emissions out the tailpipe exhaust (chemtrails etc.)

The passenger/crew cabin air concern has to do with persistent burnt oil fumes that find their way into the cabin.

I don't believe that the manufacturers or regulators are denying that such fumes exist or that they contain matter that could be harmful to your health in some quantities. heck many foods we eat also fit that bill .

The technical issue is how much and over what time period versus a scientifically validated cause-effect per human.

The engineers community can't eliminate anything, they can only minimize.

But what is an acceptable level?

They need the oil in order for the engines to survive long enough to complete a flight safely
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