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A bloke cleaning out his attic discovered an old oil painting and an old violin.

Thinking they might be worth something, he took them both along to an art dealer to have them appraised.

The art dealer examined them and mused, "Well, well - what you have here, is a Rembrandt and a Stradivarius!"

"So they're both worth a great deal?!", exclaimed the bloke excitedly.

"Hell, No", said the dealer. "Rembrandt couldn't produce any musical instrument that would play a decent tune, and Stradivarius was an utterly hopeless painter!"

The sign said, "Justin Bieber Style Haircuts Here".

So the bloke went in and asked for a Bieber style haircut.

When the barber was finished, the bloke was appalled to see he'd been given the old regular, "short, back and sides".

He protested, "That's not how Bieber has his hair cut!!"

The Barber replied, "It will be, if he comes in here!!"
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