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I agree with Henry.
All the evidence I'm aware of is that he used his pulse to time the pendulum swings. And if you've spend as long as he or I have in Cathedrals, you'll be aware that there's sod-all else to do as a scientist but look for patterns in the phenomena around you.

From the initial observation,with (inaccurate) pulses to give one the idea, one can then do matched experiments back home which develop the theory.

The timing troughs are in the Galileo museum in Florence, quite near the Uffizi (it's well worth a visit if you're in town). The balls rolling down trigger bells. The human sense of rhythm allows the bells to be spaced so that they are triggered at equal time intervals. I have replicated this in the school physics lab, and it's remarkably easy to be very accurate. What one cannot tell is how long the time interval is against the modern second, but this is not important for proving the theory.
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