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Indeed, henry, that's what the nice but dim bloke in the program said. BUT FOR ****'s sake. What a bizarre load of total bollox mixed with simplistic tat, overlaid with a sickening noise labeled as music background.

Phew, got that orf me chest.

It was thought that Galileo's father, a musician, taught his son such exact timing that he could time his experiments in his mind alone. Remember, dropping things off the Leaning Tower probably did not happen - apart from a public display or two - but timing balls running down curved troughs probably was the way it was done. That probably word keeps cropping up.

One and two and three and . . . Dad could better a candle anytime.

Vincenzo, in his study of pitch and string tension, produced perhaps the first non-linear mathematical description of a natural phenomenon known to history.[1] This was an extension of a Pythagorean tradition, but went beyond it. Many scholars credit him with directing the activity of his son away from pure, abstract mathematics and towards experimentation using mathematical quantitative description of the results – a direction which was of utmost importance for the history of physics, and natural science in general.


Oh, by the way, since it doesn't matter anymore. My space ship in The Perfect Code was named after Galileo's daughter. A big thanks to Dava Sobel who left me intrigued with the mystery of Galileo's missing letters.



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