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.... i don't know about EK but over here we always ....
Heavy, this is the epitome of na´vetÚ of pilots aspiring or dreaming of EK. No insult intended, merely stating the obvious.

Before even contemplating of applying, or contributing to EK threads, read all that has been written. Especially about the changes of conditions since 2008. Do your homework!

The "over here we did" and "in my former company" is only suited to either bring your morale to a new low or make a complete fool out of yourself. Here, they don't give a rodents backside about the rest of the world.

Any FO, and by that i mean, each and every FO, joining EK at this stage must be either out of a job and in dire need of doe, or naive to the point of being almost dangerous in a modern 2-man cockpit.

The conditions are not the worst of the world, but as pilots we should be used in reading trends and take avoiding action before impact. The trend here is pointing to a hard impact!

Most of us warning on these sites are not outright against EK or Dubai, most have done their homework before joining and were satisfied with what was to expect. Not one of us however expected these managers capable of such "treason" and capable of changing almost all T&C's to deteriorate the conditions to that point.

We are merely extrapolating our experience and thus having to paint a really dire picture of what will be EK in a few months and years. They got away with so much, no one cared, no customer was afraid, no manager stood up, no regulator stepped in, neither the local ones nor the ones of countries visited by this outfit.

They will continue, that's for sure. There's no one to stop them!
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