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...why do you think so many people are NOT beating a path to your door ?
And therein lies the problem. In spite of more than 10 years of negative press on this board people ARE still 'beating a path' to EKs door.

A reminder of what goes on here.
Already this year in less than 7 weeks we have had:

Removal of passenger load data from the internal company website making subload travel impossible to plan with any accuracy.

Removal of self-certification for short term illness for cabin crew.

Annual leave entitlements not met with some crew having no leave for periods of 18 months or more.

New FTLs that don't include ULR bunk time towards 100 hours/28 days and 900 hours/12 months.

Today we have the return of DECs. Ironically the only seat I would consider if I was joining EK now would be as a DEC.

Before year end we will have the new rostering system expected to include no more than 5 choices each month and never more than 3 consecutive days off.

And so on...
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