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I'm sure no one surprised but what would have been appropriate from mgt is an email explaining current situation.

I'm not saying it would soften the blow for those who were close - that now are further.

Just a little professional respect in light of the fact that this will have work & financial implications for those FOS who have been working so hard over the past years with the 'Command' light at end of tunnel.

They just never miss an opportunity....to miss an opportunity..

The concept of management is to represent your employer's wishes...we get it...but no mgt/grad school would ever teach ignoring the employees aspirations....it's a fine balance.

Just an email would have shown a minute semblance of care.

Not a chance

This airline aspires to be one of the great airlines of the world...to those of you considering joing - think of some of the great brands out there - now stop, take a step back and ask yourself...do I want to join an outfit that had just bypassed loyal employees for advancement- and the only way these employees heard about it was through an ad. You cannot make this up.



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