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The Germans twice in less that half a century launched merciless campaigns against all their neighbours. Their stated aim was to rule everything from the Urals to the Atlantic - including us. They started it, they employed unconscionable methods. Therefore I see nothing wrong in our fighting any way we could to prevent their invading us, and getting them out of our neighbour's territories.
Well I was with you, until you got to this bit

The thing that worries me is that an awful lot of people seem unable to grasp that Germany is doing it again right now, which is why we need to exit their EU. I suspect that if Greece and UK exit, their grand plan may come unstuck. Somewhat different from their former cruder efforts, but in the long run, we are being slowly but surely ruled from abroad, just as we fought not to be in 1940.
Stop seeing conspiracy where none exist. Though technically possible, not likely.
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