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Originally Posted by A0283 View Post
From that professional viewpoint you can only be very very happy with the approach taken by the Taiwanese ASC. And at the same time negatively surprised by the approach taken by the Indonesian KNKT/NTSC.
Surprised by ASC releasing DFDR readout quickly - yes. Surprised by NTSC - well, not exactly, bearing in mid the outcome of MI185 investigation. Regarding the country of registration and nationality of the captain, stakes are far higher now but DFDR and CVR are read out so evasion will be more difficult.

Originally Posted by A0283 View Post
In the AirAsia case the (investigation) authorities have published few preliminary facts (radar, FDR and CVR data). But have published some short ‘final opinion’ conclusions( {we know what happened} “ we have the ‘key‘ “ – and – “it was not a suicide”).


In the Indonesian case no-one, not a single mention on PPRuNe I think, suggested a suicide.
It is possible that recorders' readouts prompted NTSC to jump the gun.
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