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some of you chaps are talking about very aggressive maneuvers to recover from a stalled condition. Once you've unloaded the aircraft to zero G and the angle of attack is accordingly reduced it can't be in a stalled any more. Obviously you then need to wait for the aircraft to accelerate but I don't really understand why shoving masses of negative G makes any difference. But the problem appears to be much more basic than that. Experienced guys are not making any kind of stall recovery - in the case of 447 it appears they didn't even realise they were stalled. Assymetric power, rolling to knife edge, mucking around with the gear and whatever else has been suggested may be a technique that Chuck Yeager would use when all else fails but surely a stall recovery should be relatively simple for any pilot. Recognition is the problem, not recovery. I am an average pilot and I am shocked that other blokes like me can get so overloaded that the bloody obvious is not a possibility they consider. Surely, if it can happen to them, it can happen to me and most of you. Its not the ability of the blokes to fly the recovery - its the recognition of whats going on
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