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Ad som drag?

Vilters /RetiredF4 and others.

My exsperience with stalls is from gliders. There you could absolutely stall the plane - and induce a wing (and nose) drop by applying some rudder. It would get the plane out of stall and into a steep dive - the recovery was high speed and involved some positive g.

Along these lines:
Would it be OK to ad some drag (extend the weels) - both to get the nose down - but also to have some extra drag so the plane will not accelrate that fast during steep dive phase of stall recovery?

For the traing part. Would it be an idea for professional pilots to take a few starts in a glider with a acro-glider instructor - just to "feel the stall forces" and get some first hand stick and rudder practice in this field.

Also - Let say you start in a fully deep stall with little or no authority on the control surfaces. What are really your options? Elaborate on that. The airstreams is coming from below allready and as you start diving your speed downwards increase but you may still be stalled? How deep dive would you need at minimum to get out?

What about spoilers and even 5-10 flaps - slats. What would it do? .
Also from my training as a glider - the diving spin was not that feared - it was rutine practise. The one feared was the "flat-spin" - Could a one side engine power induce a flatspin" - Could rudder induce a flat spin. Can you be shure one wing drops to induce dive? Also, since at the stall the plane is generally at a low speed - will the rudder really have the capability to break the plane if used to hard

To the extreme - could you unstall a plane in a deep stall by applying reverese thrust moderately?
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