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Then you will have pilots that start to understand stalls.
You might see some pilots turned WHITE, but you"ll have better pilots.
You can put them in a sim for weeks, nothing will ever change.

Great fun; been there, done it; great idea, BUT......

Sadly the airlines philosophy is "sim time costs money and it is only necessary to perform the legally required basics." They have then covered their backside. Sim costs money; pilots not in a/c costs money; hotels travel to/from costs money etc. etc. Their prime idea is to train their pilots to keep well away from the dangerous part of the envelope. SOP's will ensure that. Meanwhile I hear the students spouting the new TEM mantra before any phase. What are the threats? If they can't perceive any they invent them. No-one ever says Mother Nature & Gravity. You are in a hostile environment where you ain't supposed to be. The shark is trying to bite your tail and the crocodile is waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting. If you put your foot in the water and get snapped at you need to know what to do. That's the thinking of the suggestions above. (you might see some pax turn WHITE, and you may not see them again, but they'll be alive.) I doubt the XAA's will enforce such items, and no airline will do it of its own initiative. They will quote cost/risk management and say how many times in a career will a pilot need such skills (risk) and what would it cost over a career to keep them up to speed? Every 3 years I jumped through the UA upset program. Rubbish, but box ticked. All the pilots on my B737NG I spoke to, including the trainers, did not know there is a stick nudger. (At least there was when I first went on type. I used to demo it.) Now they only recover at the shaker. I also admit that before Boeing introduced the new (old) 'unstall the wing first' idea I used to teach it. Attitude first then power. Split second, no more. Since when did Seattle or Toulouse redefine aerodynamics? I did also demo the stick-shaker power only recovery with autopilot in ALT HLD. It was scary, but educational. I did this at various levels to show the capabilities of power over aerodynamics and the effect of thrust reaction at different levels. It was a full in-depth exercise. Took a while, but once seen never forgotten. Then a new syllabus was imposed and job done in 10 mins to minimum requirement.
So don't hold your breath waiting for change. A few more enlightened C.P.'s & HOT's and CFO's might help. Best o' luck.
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