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For those advocating spin training in light sep and mep, all very well and good.... but...
I've said it before an will say it again: we don't need spin training, per se. IMO all we need is good hand-flying IF skills. We should then be able to fly safely when the AP spits the dummy or diagnose the situation and recover (eg AF447, which wasn't in a spin). We all go to the SIM every 6 months. A 1/2 hour, non-jeopardy, of flying around on raw data (including enjoying oneself eg wingovers, barrel rolls) together with eyes-closed U/A recoveries would go a long way to improving our ability to take control of the aeroplane when the situation goes pear-shaped.

Of course the bean counters will go ape; the regulatory authorities should have the balls to regulate it into the SIM programs; then it's a level playing field for all.
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