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Because it seems we now have two from the same field with somewhat opposing views,
If you ask six ATCs a question, you will get at least seven different answers

From memory the books only require a prompt for a position report now (someone who knows the books better than me i.e. nearly everyone, may correct that). However a lot of controllers as well as pilots are used to them for taxi and departure.

I agree that it not a problem to prompt and I don't care if you don't, but some rules fanatics will be upset if you do, and sooner or later a grump on the other end of the radio will be upset if you don't.

I generally find that when the freqs become busy both sides of the conversation are aware of it an phraseologies become pared back.

Are there any guidance notes that give a detailed insight for pilots on what and how each division of ATC operates?
We are all supposed to use the same procedures (air ground anyway), so any local differences should not be your problem but something we should sort out. As always I think mutual famil visits are very valuable for understanding the others job.
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