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The guys in the taxi (yellow car that was clipped) are okay according to the local news.

Something else is that I am not sure it clipped any bridges at all. In that area there are a couple of elevated highways that run pretty much long the sides of the river and it looks like it clipped the one on the south bank. The bridges across the river I think were all missed.

So it looks like the plane flew down the river line, clipped one of the elevated highways along side the river (probably the South one) and then crashed into the river close to the NanHu bridge - which is a bit lucky because there is a metro bridge next to that bridge and if it had hit either then it would have been much worse with possibly a metro train falling 20m into the river.

If you use google earth to go to
25.063120 121.611826 and then enter street view from the top of the bridge you can see the highways both to the N and S of the river and then the metro bridge a few meters to the East, The plane is approx 800m to the east of this bridge even though there is a plot of the planes route putting it crashing to the west of the bridge. (There are a bunch of traffic webcams in the area and I can see it on one of them).

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