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Folks, remember that while CASA and PelAir are equally responsible, and my mind swings on what %age that is, in the James Reason model the pilot and his training are the last lines of defence.

Has anyone else here watched the excellent Ansett training video analysing the B743 oops in Sydney. It started with the planned start up date, and folk sticking to it, external contractors pulling the rug out and then all manner of sloppy systemic issues, culminating in the crew being set up and subsequently poorly performing. It was almost a comedy of errors except I am sure nobody thought it was funny.

I am beating myself up for a small error made the other day, no biggie but in my mind I cary the can. 100% me.

In this case there are three parties who have almost equal shares. DJ deserves the whipping he gave himself and the industry has. The sad thing is the other two managed to duck and weave. Then there is the aftermath and the ATSB. Another round of dodgyness involving three parties, two carried over from the original event We know who.

But what happens with them? That is the disgusting part. History repeats. As the gobble dock used to say…tic tock…..
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