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This is a cut & paste of what I posted to the Boy Entrants list short while ago. I was unaware of this thread at the time.

They nearly had me on that!

At Marham the number of selected heads for Churchill's funeral was nominated, and rehearsals were started well before he died.

I was selected!

When I pointed out that WSC might not pop his clogs until after my demob, they took me off the list

So my RAF career was more or less bracketed by being nominated for the Coronation and nominated for WSC's funeral, and not doing either.

The one I regret was the Coronation, I did all the drill, was measured for my T63 and got flu at the last minute and went into Yatesbury SSQ just before everyone went off to Cardington and Hyde Park.

With WSC funeral, I was more interested in starting my civil career and wave goodbye to the RAF. I started my demob leave on 4th Feb, so I could just have squeezed in the funeral.

Half a century ago, come next Wednesday!
Oberon, where were you at Marham? I was coming to the end of my 2nd stint on 214.
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