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From Ethel's link

People are forced into casual positions by employers trying to maximise profits
Oh those naughty employers. Trying to make a profit, which only serves to keep the business viable and employing staff.

I guess businesses should try not to make a profit. That'll show these commentators.

As a snapshot of a small industry sector in a backwater part of Australia....

Commsec recently reported that the NT is the highest performing economy in Oz at the moment. This is on the back of a supposed construction boom. Certainly, we're seeing a lot of interstate businesses trying to move up here.

In the last 4 months of 2014, our construction sector has seen 13 companies fail, Inpex lay off 1400 tradesmen, over 20 government pre-qualified contractors failing their annual financial reviews, suppliers pursuing contractors for debts ranging from $500,000 to $2 million+ and larger, established firms scaling back staff by up to 80%.

Surviving companies are reporting net profits of between 1 and 2%, where traditionally 10% is considered a reasonable minimum.

And this is apparently in a strongly performing part of Australia??????

Heaven help the rest of you.
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