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And if you learn to feel things in small planes, how does that relate to computer controlled wonder jets?
Ok, I may have been vague here. I'm talking about "small" planes, turboprops, think SAAB 340 and the like, not tiny Cessnas with four seats. My favourite would be the DC-3 or DC-4... ;-D

The reasoning behind this is if you learn to feel how the winds and air affect the plane, those physics translate even to one of those big shiny ones albeit big and shiny has more resistance to weather events due to their size.


Also, Mr. Snuggles... I suggest you have not tried to pick a way through a North American cold front in the spring/summer. Anywhere in the prairies into Canada you get monster cells.

I find tropical thunderstorms much less daunting than their temperate zone cousins. For one thing the air is close to saturated in those latitudes, giving less change of state to amplify the vertical wind shear. Landing three miles away from a cell at the equator? No problem. In Kansas City? Not so much.
You are correct. I have not flown in the US only in Europe. I extrapolated from what is known about storm cells and convective air over ocean currents. Sorry if I offended anyone, I realise I did make that clear before.
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