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Having seen a few gummints come and go, and holding a rather ropey BA in politics from a good university, and being a lifelong "small t" Tory, I'm disgusted by this gummint. And before anyone accuses me of something horrid: I've NEVER voted Labor or Greens.

The current shower of sh1te have lost people like me. Now I will probably put my rusted-in Lib MHR second last at the next election (just before the pathetic union hack ALP wannabe loser last) for the Reps, but many won't. He'll get back in again. Many of those folks who won't vote Coalition again will have gleefully voted to rid the Treasury benches of the previous Rudd-Gillard-Rudd debacle last time, but they won't next time. They're going to vote Labor again ... LABOR!

Whose fault is this? Theirs? Yep, maybe. The ABC's? Probably not; most of them might listen to 2BL on the way to work in the morning or Classic FM or even 2RN from time to time. But these folks aren't rusted on Phil Adams listeners. The Fairfax press? Probably not, Fairfax barely reports real news now, it's all lifestyle cut'n'paste from other fading Anglosphere mastheads.

Whose fault? Easy: it's the current gummint's fault. So badly have they handled things that people who should be locked in have switched off. Frankly I don't blame the electors, the ignorant, the stupid, the greedy et al. This gummint has been really quick to attempt to punish our weakest whilst letting the wealthiest off Scot free.

One example: we all know how expensive it is becoming to provide the aged pension. It's the biggest single item in gummint expenditure. By the end of this gummint's term, however, this will be overtaken by tax concessions to the wealthiest Australian's superannuation schemes. The PM has utterly refused to rule out addressing that. Happy to gut the ABC, charge uni students more, try and get more out of the chronically sick, reduce or tie state grants (they're not the first in that case, obviously) .... you get the picture.

Add the growing list of disgusted people who SHOULD be Coalition voters to the list of people who NEVER will be Coalition voters ... it's not beyond the realms of possibility that Mr Shorten will be the next PM and he could well have either outright control of the Senate or at best a cynical agreement with the fruitcakes of the Greens. I can barely conceive of a worse outcome for us, but it's a real possibility. And it's all the fault of the current mendacious, nasty, obsessive sh1ts in this government.

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