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Mooted messages?

I believe we may safely ignore both the Be-a-Cur messenger and the Australian, the message being delivered is clear enough. It is probably coming to the time where the government must look to the practicalities of continuing the MH 370 search. Of course everyone wants the aircraft found and the mystery explained, but the cost is phenomenal and must, one way or another, be supported. The worst case would be that the most probable areas of search are a 'dry hole'; it's a bloody big ocean and once the best guess options have been eliminated, what then? Do we keep the ships and crews out there indefinitely?; and, if we do, who will pay the bill?

It's not (IMO) that the government is so parsimonious or cynical to chop off the funding at the stroke of midnight; but there will be some work to do persuading other governments to kick the tin. Rock and hard place; the equipment, manpower and expertise is out there, on the job right now and will be until May so the 'pulling them out' deadline is a way off; and who knows what will transpire this hour or tomorrow. But through Dolan the reality of an end of search scenario is being mooted. This way, everyone knows, in advance that there must, at some point in time, be a full time whistle.

No, I believe the search area will be covered properly and if a few extra bucks need be found to do that, they will be unstintingly provided; the worry is that if nothing is found after an exhaustive search, what then?

Aye, it's as pretty a problem as you could ever wish to find: the fun part?; watching Dolan squirm as the Indonesians show him how to recover a 'black box' from the water and the pennies wriggle out of his clammy clutches. From the subliminal to the sublime eh?

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