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Oh god,
I listen to you guys and I wonder.
We get what we deserve, creamy is as usual right.
CAsA has the industry bluffed,bamboozled and completely, comprehensively beaten.
Here we are arguing over a $1000 dollar completely unnecessary maintenance requirement and while we are distracted arguing over horse shit, the bureaucrats stealthily manoeuvre to chop the industry off at the ankles.

As Creamie says, thousands of pages of horse shit and we are still not safe.
Spare me, we may just as well pull the pin now and go find something else to amuse ourselves, aviation in Australia is stuffed, save yourself some money and quit while your ahead.
There is just too much money locked up in secondary airports alone to defend against corruption, which was probably set up a long time ago. Pay day is rapidly approaching for the hierarchy, hey look at what a recent Foreign minister won, farms in NZ??? what do you think them that facilitated the sell off of GA airports will get?? We are talking about billions of $$$. These people are very very clever, unfortunately much cleverer than us.
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