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there are several tight gaps such as by Farnborough in the SW, Gatwick/Biggin in the SE
Having done a lot of flying out of Fairoaks I can vouch for the problems with the "Mig Alley" bottleneck between Gatwick and Heathrow / Biggin, particularly difficult in the evening, flying West into the setting sun - best avoided if possible. I suppose the same is true flying East in the morning, but I never got up early enough to try that!

It used to be straightforward to get a SVFR clearance when routing North from Fairoaks through the LHR zone, routing Thorpe, Ascot, Burnham not above 1000' - and similarly southbound. I've not flown there since the change to Class D, so I've no idea if getting clearance for that route is easier or harder to get now.

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