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I can't see them on final which is unusual. All of a sudden there is a roar above me and they touch down on 13, followed by a radio call 'Sorry, had map upside down'.
I've had similar at EGSX, holding short of 20 after someone had called final only for them to come whipping past in the wrong direction, followed by a grovelling apology. In fairness it's a horribly easy mistake to make. I always make a point of looking at my DI when I'm approaching any airfield to ensure I know (and really know) which runway I'm landing on. The consequences of joining a busy circuit downwind heading the wrong way just don't bear thinking about.

You really need eyes in the back of your head sometimes. I had another scary scenario a few weeks back, also at EGSX. I'd just called downwind for 20 and was surprised to spot a light aircraft high above. Sure enough the call came over the radio "G...XXXX overhead the field at 2300 feet request joining information". When told he was in Stansted's airspace he promptly did a 180 degree turn and dived towards the downwind leg of the circuit! We're all fallible but this was inexcusable in my view as he clearly knew exactly where he was!
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