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Press and prestige.

[after reading the following from the Canuck press it maybe a Godsent that we're not invited. etc].
Given up on the 'press', can't be shagged; too much waffle, dribble and wild speculation for my digestion. I'll just wait and see what facts are offered.

"There is certainly no love lost between the political elite and the bureaucrats in the Indonesian archipelago."
Now that's fact; just can't see the Indonesian government poncing about with three years to report and having a Senate inquiry into that report or; hanging about waiting a half year for the response; or, waiting for an election (spell check): or ordering a mild review of where the regulator failed and colluded with the AAI to 'slant' a report away from embarrassment; then asking for an external peer review; then sitting on that for a half year; then releasing it at holiday time. No Sir, they'll just line the buggers up and send them off to bed; no supper.

On the plus side, Be-a-Cur seems to have been awful quiet on the Indonesian accident. Thought - maybe I'm reading the wrong part of the news; perhaps I'll try the 'fine dining on the cheap section'. Maybe there I'll find detailed explanation of the 'mind reading map' system intended for Pel-Air MkII......

Toot toot.....

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