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I fly from Stapleford and agree with others that coming down here should be a non-event. Just back up your DR with a GPS tablet or sumfink.

Originally Posted by taxistaxing
"Heathrow CTR is Class D just like East Midlands, so don't be afraid to ask for a crossing if you want one."

Quite right I had missed this recent change! Apologies to the OP.

Glide clear requirement will still pose an issue over the centre, though, even assuming you can get a clearance.
True that, plus they kept the inner area of the London CTR as "PPR only" which means you will have to announce yourself in advance, with a very good reason. Which means you normally won't go there and won't have the glide clear issue.

Yes, do come to Stapleford, or North Weald just a few miles away, each has a different atmosphere but both have a club serving decent food. As for Southend, well... look for another thread here on how they are trying to drive the GA away.

Originally Posted by Chilli Monster
the whole journey at 2400 ft without negotiating zone transits (...) then Brookmans Park (BPK), then direct Stapleford
That is very close to the Stansted CTA 1500-2500ft so make sure you're precise if DCT and at 2400ft, especially with strong SW winds. Don't ask me how I know.

Let us know when you're coming!


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