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Some of the people I am talking to are instructors or claim to have a huge amount of hours over some time so its rather confusing. Obviously i try to listen as these all have more experience but this just dint seem right - and it wasn't lol.
At the risk of ruffling a few feathers - I wouldn't put the words "Experienced" and "Instructor" together in the same sentence when it comes to cross country flying, most of them aren't. They might have lots of hours, but they won't have spent them very far from the airfield.

Before I got an instrument rating I would use Stapleford as a routeing point on the way from Nottingham to Le Touquet. Apart from crossing East Mids you can do the whole journey at 2400 ft without negotiating zone transits or talking to ATC - just route via the Barkway (BKY) VOR, then Brookmans Park (BPK), then direct Stapleford.

Southend - overhead Cambridge, overhead Earls Colne, staying slightly left of track to stay outside the Stansted 1500ft base CTA. Simple.

Do you have any Flight Planning software like SkyDemon? If not - buy it, then fly the flight "in your head" using that. It will reap huge benefits in not getting too many surprises on the flight itself.

Drop me a line if you want to, or could ever meet up for a coffee some time at Tollerton to talk cross country flying and planning.

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