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MH370 and australia's primary defence radar being turned off at the time.
ha ha ha ha ha plonkers. even if it wasn't turned off ...still plonkers.

I loved the russian response to the air asia crash.
here is one of our seaplanes that is able to land beside wreckage and retrieve stuff. (like you lot can't )
here are some of our divers as well who can dive on submerged wreckage.
the rest of the first world responses seem so anaemic in comparison.
ruskies win that one.

an incident of interest to me.
an australian P3 orion flying in international waters at 500 ft thinking it was totally dark and invisible and all that, detects 2 indonesian sukois making a bee line to intercept them.
how on earth did they know????

methinks it pays not to ever think the indonesians are idiots. the western world hasn't always treated them fairly in its dealings, australia especially, if they haven't quietly caught up they aren't far off.
good one to the indonesians. selamat malam and all that.

...back to your regular entertainment...
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