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Chocks - People like GT are employed by the media because they can produce the BS that sells newspapers. It's been a long time since truth and accuracy had anything to do with what journalists write and publish.
What makes it worse is the modern trend for instant and constant "news", when none is to be had.

In the old days, we were lucky to see a newspaper once a week, and we "caught up" on the news when one did come to hand.
Now, if 5 minutes has passed without a tweet producing "news just to hand" - a website carrying a "breaking news" item - a TV station carrying a "scoop" - or some other breathless media pronunciation indicating a startling find, then the world is bound to cease turning.

One only has to see the poor levels of journalism in articles where simple words are misspelled, where words are left out, making no sense of the paragraph (indicating a total lack of proof-reading), where totally irrelevant and misleading pictures are added to flesh out articles (did you see the article about Flight QZ8501 that contained a photo of MH17 wreckage?), and the generally poor levels of knowledge and understanding of the subject the particular journalist is writing about.

There is nothing to indicate that there will be any change to the pattern. It's essentially a race to the bottom.

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