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Notably absent here is any discussion on ADSB and WAAS and "new" aircraft disappearing from "radar" who would be assumed to be WAAS or at least ADSB capable. I stand ready for correction, but I was of the opinion such a Satellite was positioned in the Asian theatre of operations. If in fact we are talking ADSB tracking, and not uncalibrated military "primary" radar tracking for separation purposes, it puts paid to the old chestnut we were sold that ADSB is also a SAR device.

I'd like to hear more about "JORN" and its possible role. Would Truss know anything about any MoU? He is the Deputy Prime Minister after all. Would Dolan know anything? (no, ignore that last sentence).

But I digress, the ADSB was being rammed down our throats in another time and another Minister of the day.
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