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Without wishing to get too deeply into the raw data argument, a lot of it depends on individual attitude. Some pilots fly raw data quite regularly, normally surface to FL100, or vectors to the ILS down. Others plonk the AP in at 1000' and take it out at about the same.

However, there are a number of raw data Jedi out there who will switch everything off at FL100 whatever the weather, and these are the types who pop up in the monthly safety digest landing without landing flaps, or throwing the approach away still doing 250kts at the landing gate.

Regarding automation philosphies, whenever especially Airbus are discussed, their philosphy is defended (especially by DozyWannabe) by pointing out that Airbus pilots were intimately involved in their development. That does not mean that they weren't wrong, or that they were part of a particular intellectual movement within their branch of engineering that is now coming under further scrutiny as it is being exposed to a new generation of flight crew.

Airbus vs Boeing is always going to arise, but simply because there are two competing philosophies of computer flight control - the Airbus protections, and Boeing's view that the pilot can do what he wants, but we will employ control forces and other forms of tactile feedback to make him aware that what he is demanding is unusual.

I should add the caveat that neither of the type ratings on my licence start with Airbus, but it is my form view that the Boeing philosophy is both more intuitive to a pilot trained on conventional aircraft, and more conducive to the maintenance of essential manual flight skills and direct feedback and understanding of the aircraft's flying characteristics.
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