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Abbott and problem #370.

Well, I got hooked and read the whole thing; despite there being some lightweight assumptions drawn by [email protected] which could, for the purist at least, detract a little kudos from what is a very sane, solid piece of research and dot joining. For instance:-

Julie 1. As far as I can tell, there have been no updates (or corrections) to this article — meaning that no one, from Boeing or elsewhere, appears to have come forward and stated that it was impossible for MH370 to have flown at FL45 — beyond it's certified maximum.
Just because an aircraft is "certified" to a flight level, does not mean it cannot, quite safely operate above that level. It is an easy enough task to 'google' the type certification data and perhaps even ask Boeing what was the maximum demonstrated height used to derive the certification data matrix; it will not be a 'national secret'. Also, F 430 or 450 there's little difference in 'survivability' time if the cabin was dumped.

But apart from niggles like that and a couple of other 'minor' technically fluffy bits, the piece makes interesting thought food. I have cherry picked some parts which relate directly to the Australian government's involvement. If you can spare the time, the links provided by Julie are worth following, if only for the sake seeing through what seems to be rapidly developing into a smoke and mirrors show.

Julie 2. The paragraph that begins the altitude discussion starts with "According to military radar". Again, I initially thought this was very sloppy, both in the writing and the editorial, because WHOSE radar was not specified. Of course, most people would just naturally assume that given the context, the writer meant MALAYSIA'S military and keep moving. But was Malaysia's military the ONLY military that *saw* MH370 right AFTER its turn over the South China Sea?
There's every chance that JORN did. JORN is a joint American/Australia piece of hi-tech radar gear and it is directly connected with the five powers MoU – see Sarcs #-HERE for details.. Which is passing strange, considering the smoke generated when any line of discussion related to radar data is opened. For example:-

Bradsher –"The main evidence for the conclusion lies in a re-examination of Malaysian military radar data and in a more detailed analysis of electronic 'handshakes,' or pings"...and;
Bradsher –...a comprehensive international review has found that the Malaysian radar equipment had not been calibrated with enough precision to draw any conclusions about the aircraft’s true altitude.
Now that is a troubling statement, how in the seven hells can anyone responsibly assign altitude and guarantee separation (or contact) using a 'not calibrated enough' radar system. Even though it is a very expensive and reputedly highly sophisticated equipment system. So they just bought a brand new Rolls Royce, with all the whistles and bells, and then just parked in the ghetto. Nah, don't believe a word of it.

Bradsher –"'The primary radar data pertaining to altitude is regarded as unreliable" said Angus Houston...Martin Dolan, the chief commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, agreed with Mr. Houston. 'There’s nothing reliable about height'..

Mr. Houston and Mr. Dolan declined to discuss any details about the Malaysian radar readings."..
Huston perhaps with the national interest at heart and being naturally sensible may well have declined to speculate, leaving the 'Dolan' camp and his associated departments bereft of one mirror, to assist with the 'departmental' smoke and mirrors strategy for a 'clean' exit. It's a notion which may explain, in part, the developing rift between two camps and the bizzare, one line interviews Dolan is gracing the international media with. There's nary a skerrick in the local rags; unless you consider his IOS celebrated 'lunch' with the SMH as investigative journalism.

Julie –Without a peep (in that article) from any Malaysian officials, and from the pulpit in Australia — sans any details as to who conducted the "comprehensive international review" of Malaysia's military radar system — or an explanation of the technical basis for determining that Malaysia's system was not "calibrated with enough precision" — it was announced that Malaysia's military altitude data was so imprecise that it was being dismissed. Which then allowed the authorities to CHANGE the SEARCH focus.
Julie –Other than Keith Bradsher, is there an aviation journalist anywhere on earth who caught this - or questioned it (or the authorities in AUS) in any meaningful way?
Yes, our very own Ben Sandilands was onto this and other 'interesting' elements of the incident and is also worth 'reading' in the manner prescribed by Julie in her 'longer twitter'.

Australia has more skin in the #MH 370 game than many realise and with a yawning chasm developing between the 'Mrdak/Dolan' front of house clean exit team and the Huston – 'Just do it right' crew, perhaps those who are going to be closest to the incoming flack had better pay a little attention to the Dolan domestic woes, before it becomes another Pel-Air, writ large and spread all over the pages of both domestic and international newspapers. If it was my shout, I'd drag the inestimable Julia Bishop into the front line and clean up the Australian aviation safety system 'image', before the unmentionable hits that which is rotating at an increasing speed. (Bit of diplomatic double speak there, but you get the drift).

I just wonder which of the major oil exploration companies is going to 'buy' the sea floor maps from the whoever owns them and what the final price will be; I mean the maps have to be worth something, to someone don't they?

Aye; it's all interesting enough, but will it get the Forsyth and Senate reports over the wire? Who would know just who will have a seat, when the music stops, as it must.

Nice work Julie – Cyber Choc frog delivery through cyber space – Send....

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