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It's a puzzle.

Now, I freely acknowledge that as a political 'advisor' or even a commentator, it would be better all round, if I stuck with the day time job. I struggle to understand even the simplest of manoeuvres and, left to my own devices will happily remain in a state of disinterest until disturbed. However, even I can see that the Abbott crew are in deep do-do and need to get some runs on the board. As aviation safety is a hot topic at any BBQ you care to attend, could Truss not strike while the iron is hot and use the enhanced public awareness of matters aeronautical to score a few runs for the Abbott team?

The current, truly dreadful state Australian aviation has descended into could all be tracked back to the last minuscule. It is an open secret that Albo was 'instrumental' in hiring McComic and ordering the pogrom on aviation. Albo would not even have allowed the Rev. Forsyth (bless) to conduct his review, but, happily Forsyth did, and did it proud. It's no secret or rumour that Albo would never, not in a million, have countenanced the recommendations being effected. That would never happen on his watch, which IMO was a risky strategy – politically, considering the way thing have developed.

It seems to me that spending half an hour briefing Skidmore to undo the McComic legacy and enabling the changes recommended by intelligent, competent, qualified, trustworthy people, old mate Wazza could score some much needed political points by simply highlighting that Australia was clawing it's way back to international credibility from the unholy mess Albo left in his wake. Give Be-a-Cur and his mates their marching orders, sign a couple of DCM's and just like that, the strong man of transport is seen by a fairly concerned public as actually caring whether or not they arrive at their destination. Or even if they don't, then the system will swiftly, competently and honestly be able to inform their families why not.

I just can't see why there is a hold up, not with so much to play for. The choice is simple, upset a couple or three discredited public servants and ruffle a few feathers; or run the risk of the public knowing that he, Truss had the tools in his hand to fix the wheel on his aviation wagon and failed to use them.

But then, as stated, politics is a strange, alien world to me; it's this accursed curiosity bump which generates the "I wonder" enunciator. I know: Truss doesn't worry about how I do my work and I probably shouldn't be wondering about how he does his; but I do.

'Tis better to be vile than vile esteemed,
When not to be receives reproach of being,
And the just pleasure lost, which is so deemed
Not by our feeling, but by others' seeing.
For why should others' false adulterate eyes
Give salutation to my sportive blood?

Or on my frailties why are frailer spies,
Which in their wills count bad what I think good?
No, I am that I am, and they that level
At my abuses reckon up their own;
I may be straight, though they themselves be bevel.
By their rank thoughts my deeds must not be shown,
Unless this general evil they maintain:  
All men are bad, and in their badness reign.  

S 121

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