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Stop Press -Hot, off the wire.

From Katoomba of all places. Good catch Sarcs.......

Hah! – it's quite a long march from Katoomba in the NSW Blue mountains to New York; and why the NYT would be interested in anything Be-a-Cur has to utter, off the official JACC script is passing strange. The Muppet is on holiday – Sangsome confirmed this in his off hand response to some very serious questions raised by James. "G'day Mr. James, sorry be we are closed for the holidays, dontcha know??; buzz off and come back next week". So how was Be-a-Cur so easily contacted during his well earned time away from the mill?. Magic, private line, personal mobile, tin cans on strings? - It is, for certain sure, that even if there had been another ET event and one of our own gone missing in 'mysterious' circumstances, the Muppet would not disturb his repose or Christmas pudding gulping to investigate, using his very own 'beyond-all-reason' model. Nope, some minion would be sent out, with a tin foil hat, a candle and a stack of paperwork, to scratch about for clues.

So has the beardless one, the spaghetti loving Muppet gone rouge and started Skype-ing any and all journalists on line to pass along his priceless one line words of wisdom, hope and cheer. Whatever happened to a terse 'no-comment' and passing out the JACC media centre telephone numbers?, I wonder.

Beyond passing strange me thinks; it's too bloody weird for words.

Toot toot (Which in ET language means "beam me up Scotty").

The last couple of CP posts have earned a key to Tim Tam cupboard, make me smile each time I read them. Bravo CP....
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