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Devilish detail.

2004 MoU - 5.4 The ATSB acknowledges that it is not an auditor of CASA's management or operational practices, procedures or decisions.
It the ATSB cannot 'audit' the CASA part of an accident or incident, then who can?

If the ATSB considers that an investigation is likely to extend to involve consideration of CASA's management or operational practices, procedures or decisions (beyond consideration of CASA's regulatory framework), the ATSB will immediately raise the matter with CASA's Deputy Chief Executive Officer before proceeding to investigate that part of the investigation.
Surreal; It's all a bit like the head Bobby at the local nick ringing up the boss of an armed hold up gang and saying that it is believed that the operation he has planned for Tuesday 'may' be illegal and apologising for 'investigating', in advance.

Boss Plod - "You get in and out by 1000, we'll be there at 1130". "Just letting you know that there will be an investigation, but make sure your villains have cleaned up afterwards and, perhaps, ask them to hang about to 'assist' with the investigation.

Boss Villain – "Certainly, once the get-away car is safely on it's way, I'll have the boys bring in coffee and doughnuts; we'll have a nice little chat and tut-tut about the terrible state the world is in". "I can even get my Word Weasel to draft a report, save you a bit of time, how's that?"

Boss Plod – "That would be nice, all good, see you Tuesday then, Ta-ta".

Now, that's not corrupt, no Sir, it's just the spirit of cooperation shining through to ensure that business as usual is not disturbed. Smooth as silk.

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Toot - groan - toot...

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