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PG - The Block 3F and later F-35 is supposed to have four internal AMRAAMs (although I have to say I have yet to see a photo of even a fit check).

It's therefore possible to construct a scenario where four F-35s against 16 adversaries destroy eight of them without assuming silly high Pks. However, this almost has to assume that Red is unaware of anything untoward until the Amraams go active.

However, it does not take any classified information to understand that the real world will diverge from this ideal, if and when the adversaries have more warning of the attack and the ability to respond with evasion, EW and expendables.

Also, it is common sense that the always challenging issue of detecting/tracking/IDing without being detected oneself (LPI/LPD) has been made more difficult as adversaries have reduced their signature and improved (massively) their active and passive EW.

Finally, you really don't want to be in a situation when you have exhausted all your weapons without either killing all the adversaries or expending their (larger) magazines, particularly when the remaining -off adversaries are faster than you.
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