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Downwind Lander,

Pretty much as blue_ashy & Caygill have told you.

The limited number of scenarios, and the rarity of the instances in which said scenarios have/would/could occur is what makes is a pointless endeavor to have live data.

As blue_ashy & Caygill say, its not just the underlying technology, because its 2014 and so the technology is there. The problem is with the associated opex and capex.

The opex of building and certifying the system, the cost of the airlines to acquire and install such systems etc.

The capex of maintaining such systems, and of paying all those expensive satellite comms bills etc.

And of course, probably the fact that the limited number of satellites "up there" could probably not cope with the combined volume of data that would be generated by all the aircraft "up there". Its not like they can launch new satellites on a whim without yet more vast expenditure.

I suspect the manufacturers and satellite operators would find it easier to sell pork in a Kosher butchers than to convince their airline customers to roll out such technology across their fleets. Airlines are not exactly rolling in money, its a highly competitive business on wafer thin margins.... and I very much doubt the SLF will be willing to pay higher ticket prices.
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