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I have a couple of questions regarding the SO job:
1.Are all SO's recruited for the passenger division or is there an option to fly freight?
2.I have read that all recruited pilots go thru 90 hours of simulator training?Is there any truth to that?
3.Do we get a full type rating or is it one of those ratings for relief pilot?
4.previous applicants have said the HR asks if you were given an option to fly one of our fleet which one would it be?Do they take into consideration what we answer and maybe give that same a/c we want!
1. Depends. CX operates the 747 freight and passenger fleet together so SOs on the 747 fleet would fly both passenger and freighter flights.

2. Not entirely sure but once you get back from FTA Adelaide and are assigned to a fleet, you'll be spending around three months on the sim to receive line training and your a type rating.

3. SOs get what's called a P2X rating, which is initially a relief pilot rating. The P2X hours that your rack up as an SO count at half rate to the 1500 total hours needed to eventually obtain a HKCAD ATPL license.

4. They absolutely couldn't care less. They're just asking to see if you know enough about the company and the CX fleet. They might ask you more technical questions once you've answered to gauge your familiarity with planes.
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