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Christmas flying Stories

At around 0200 on Christmas morning in 1986 or so, I was flying a Cherokee IFR on top across central Illinois to my family farm after my midnight gig as a choir conductor at the Christmas eve service,

It was absolutely dead, and the Chicago center controller was a bit chatty.

He told me there was a primary target at my 12 o'clock and about 10 miles.

convinced that I had the traffic I told him so.

Over the next 45 minutes, he issued multiple updates and I acknowledged them, sure that I had the plane in question.

Just west of my destination, he called the traffic again, and I confirmed that I had it in sight.

A couple seconds later, he stated: "N147**,

Disregard... the traffic has resolved into 9 separate targets..."

"It's no doubt a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer."

" Maintain 2300 and fly heading 360 to intercept the 32 R localizer, Cleared for the approach, Merry Christmas."
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