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Deck the halls with troughs and la la la la la

The Witchdoctor has been silently playing the CASA game for over 20 years. He should be best described as one of the 'faceless men'. He has played a big part in what our industry has become today. No large decision bypasses him. Whether it be dodgy, convoluted ridiculous regulations, MOU's with supposedly independent authorities, promotion of executive bullies, or clusterf#cks such as the CVD issues, his DNA is all over it. No claim of 'it wasn't me, I was in Montreal working for ICAO' will fool some of us. Smart guy who knows how to keep his beard beneath the radar, but those who know and understand the real mechanics of CASA and have walked miles around the corridors of the big 'R'' regulator know who the real puppet masters are
I've said it before, "there will be no change to how CASA operates when you have people like Chairman Hawke, Dr Voodoo, the A380 assistant DAS and Pumpkin Head from the department steering the ship. You show me a clean sweep of the deck and I will promise you that someone is listening and honest change is imminent'. But I am betting all that you want that nothing is going to change. Please prove me wrong, please.

In the meantime fellow aviators, enjoy the festive season and for some, a well warned break. Be on the watch for CASA Inspector Plod and his merry DAMP men!
To CASA management - we look forward to playing the same tautological and tendentious game in 2015.
To CASA FOI's - I look forward to flying to and from my property, maintaining my own aircraft and applying my own interpretation of the rules. Catch me if you can, wankers.
To Senators X, Sterle, Heff, Forsythe, and others - thankyou for your time, effort and dedication in trying to right the wrongs of a rooted industry. Although in vain we appreciate your tenacity and dedication.

Tick tock

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