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Expressions and actions of good faith on both sides will be needed to start and keep the ball rolling, however slowly.
I've been flying for 42 years. How bloody slow do you want? Crash through tactics can work. Look at the huge backlog of absolutely necessary changes the Whitlam government pushed through in just 3 years.

Even this current government may be capable of sudden and radical change. On today's news it was mooted that the Federal Department of Education might be dumped entirely and its' role be entirely assumed by the states. Think of the $s saved with that removal of duplication.

If they can do that they can easily sack CASA and outsource aviation regulation to NZ or USA.

A precedent is already out there. Asylum seekers are imprisoned and guarded by a pommie security firm. Pilots and aviation companies seem to be held in no higher esteem than asylum seekers so why not be run by a foreign nation?

Good faith in CASA was lost years ago. If we continue down that track all us older pilots will be dead long before one iota of meaningful change comes about.
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